Move over old-timers bingo! Wednesday 18 May we will bring this game 'to a whole new level'… Hello Bier Burger and Bingo Show! What you read is what you get because beer, burgers, bingo and show is what this is literally all about.

What can you expect? The basis is simple: for € 17.50 you get a burger (meat, chicken or vegetarian) with fries , a matching (special) beer and a bingo card… and that's when the show kicks in! Of course you have to fill that card as quickly as possible, but between ping-pongball-twerk competitions, music-bingo-hit-sing-alongs and endless put-your-hands-up-in-the-air's . In addition, there are stage plays and performances where you can just be the protagonist. All this under the direction of Mr Extravaganza , in glittery costume (or not) that is already hanging ready upon arrival and as befits a true Kuyl guest: with hat or cap. What's the score ? Always price so you are guaranteed (in all respects) to go home well filled!

The burgers are served between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM (so make sure you're on time) and after this filling bite and short 'warm-up' the bingo starts at 7:30 PM until 8:30 PM where after we continue with a drink and some nice pictures.

Participate? We get that! There is plenty of space, so bring your colleagues, friends, neighbors.

Book your spot here!